Andrew Garfield Appears Alongside Stranger Things Star Maya Hawke In The First Trailer For Mainstream

Directed by The Godfather legend Francis Ford Coppola’s granddaughter Gia, the movie follows Link (Garfield) and Frankie (Hawke) as they carve out a path to internet superstardom.

As you can see from the trailer, Mainstream integrates the visual pop of social media with the unfolding drama as Link and Frankie become consumed by fame.

The film received its world premiere at last year’s Venice Film Festival, but first reactions from critics weren’t overly kind.

In its review, The Hollywood Reporter said: “At the press screening in Venice, one could sense a certain dismayed hostility to the film’s prepubescent humour and plot.”

IndieWire went on to write: “The plot is just as predictable as the themes. Everyone watching will know where it’s going, although the viewer’s imagined version of the screenplay will likely be shrewder than the one written by Coppola and Tom Stuart.”

“Not so much bleeding edge as screeching edge, Gia Coppola’s Mainstream is a frenetic piece of pop-art social satire that strives to be super-current but feels oddly traditional beneath its eye-searing, pixel-popping surface,” noted Screen Daily.

The film also stars Jason Schwartzman, Kalena Yiaueki, Nat Wolff and Johnny Knoxville.

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