Cleo Mcqueen To Overhear Clue That Her Boyfriend Toby Faroe Had Something To Do With The Murder Of Her Friend Lisa Loveday

Cleo McQueen is set to overhear something that leaves her suspicious that her boyfriend Toby Faroe had something to do with the murder of her friend Lisa Loveday.

In scenes scheduled to air next Friday (April 9), Cleo (Nadine Mulkerrin) and Toby (Bobby Gordon) will be seen snoozing next to one another when the latter – still firmly in the land of nod – mutters “I didn’t mean to kill her”.

Baffled, Cleo ignores the sleepy statement at first but when her partner starts behaving oddly and going to shocking lengths to protect her from newly-returned abuser Pete Buchanan (Kai Owen), she starts questioning whether he is capable of ending another individual’s life.

Later, she confronts him head-on about her thoughts. Will he confess to killing Lisa (Rachel Adedeji), and explain that his intended target was actually his brother Mitchell? Or will he keep quiet?

“At first I don’t think Cleo believes Toby’s actually killed someone,” actor Mulkerrin told Inside Soap magazine recently. “But she is suspicious, and then Toby starts acting shady. So of course, Cleo starts doing some digging and she knows something’s not quite right.

“Lisa was Cleo’s friend after all, and she was a good person,” she continued. “I know half of her family have been entangled in murders, but if Cleo found out that Toby killed Lisa in cold blood, I really don’t think she’d stick around!

“If and when she finds out, I think it’ll be a game-changer – who wants to be with a murderer? Not Cleo!”

Hollyoaks airs these scenes on Friday, April 9 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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