Hacktivist Have Announced A New Album

The follow-up to 2016’s ‘Outside The Box’ is called ‘Hyperdialect’ and will arrive on June 18 via UNFD.

Alongside the news, the grime-metal crossover band have unveiled a video for their new cut Planet Zero, which finds the band dialling up the aggressive vocals while going hard on thrashy riffs. Discussing the motivation behind its lyrics, co-vocalist J. Hurley said:

“Look at the state of the planet at the moment and people are still ignoring it. It doesn’t make sense. There are all these homeless people on the streets, but there’s all this land and enough food to go around for everyone.”

Co-vocalist Jot Maxi added: “There are so many things wrong with the way humanity is. We’re self-destructive and everybody knows it. It’s in a lot of films, especially in science fiction. But that dark future is no longer fiction and it’s very clear that we’re on a downwards path. If I buy a bottle of something to drink, it’s going to be sold in plastic and I’m going to feel guilt about that. Take a look at any city around the world – there’s so much opulence and grandeur on show, but look closely enough and you’ll find people living on the streets, homeless. Where is this going? There are islands of plastic bottles in the sea now, but we only have this one planet. It’s mad. It’s all tilting downwards, and into the mouth’s of the rich.”

It follows their 2020 single Armoured Core with rising London rapper Kid Bookie, as well as Reprogram and Dogs Of War, released in 2019. Head below to view the record’s artwork and tracklist.

They’ll support the full-length with festival appearances at Radar in July, Bloodstock in August and Slam Dunk in September.

‘Hyperdialect’ tracklist:

  1. Anti-Emcees
  2. Luminosity
  3. Lifeform
  4. Armoured Core (featuring Kid Bookie)
  5. Turning Tables
  6. Currency
  7. Hyperdialect (feat. Aaron Matts)
  8. Dogs Of War
  9. Ultima Dies
  10. Planet Zero
  11. How Dare You Exist
  12. Reprogram


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