‘Hollyoaks’ Star Jennifer Metcalfe Has Found An “Extra New Love” For Her Job Since She Gave Birth To Her Son

The 37-year-old actress welcomed her boy Daye – who she shares with her ex, ‘Geordie Shore’ star Greg Lake – into the world in June 2017, and since becoming a mum she finds work can be “like having a day off” and a “bit of a break” at times.

She says: “I found an extra new love for my job, and I didn’t think I could love it anymore, since having my little boy.

“I think before I had him, I’ve always loved my job, you’d go out, socialise with your friends after work.

“Now because I don’t get to go out all the time, you’re a bit tired, your work becomes your social life, your everything.

“It becomes your little bit of time for you as an adult. I honestly think going to work is like having a day off, having a bit of a break.

“But then when I do go into work I can’t wait to pick him up from nursery. I love it. I feel very privileged.”

Jennifer feels “chuffed” that she has spent more than half of Hollyoaks’ 25 years on the soap as her character Mercedes McQueen.

Speaking on an upcoming episode of podcast ‘Soap from the Box’, she added: “I’ve been at ‘Hollyoaks’ for 15 years, we just celebrated our 25th anniversary last year so to spend over half of Hollyoaks’ living life there, I’m pretty chuffed with that.

“‘Hollyoaks’ is that kind of place where people are coming and going all the time, you make gorgeous friends and you know you’re going to see them after if they want to leave and it’s the right decision for them.

“I don’t feel heavy with any of that, I love my job. I just think if you’re in England and you want to work every day and you’re an actor, what can you do other than a soap?”

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