Justin Bieber Has Commented On His Use Of Dr Martin Luther King’s Voice On Just Album ‘Justice’

The album is out now, and features the iconic Civil Rights leader’s voice on ‘MLK Interlude’.

King is also featured on one other song, with Justin Bieber listing him as co-writer on the credits.

The move was slated by many critics, with some questioning the validity of placing Dr Martin Luther King’s voice on a pop record.

The Black American leader’s daughter Bernice King, however, gave Justin Bieber her permission:

Each of us, including artists and entertainers, can do something.

Chatting to fans on Clubhouse, Justin Bieber sought to address this, insisting that his Canadian schooling meant that he wasn’t “taught about Black history”.

“It was just not a part of our education system,” he said. “I think for me, coming from Canada and being uneducated and making insensitive jokes when I was a kid and being insensitive and being honestly just a part of the problem because I just didn’t know better. For me to have this platform to just share this raw moment of Martin Luther King Jr. in a time where he knew he was going to die for what he was standing up for.”

Continuing, Justin Bieber said he was willing to endure “as much hate by putting [Dr. King’s speeches] on the album” in an effort to demonstrate what he believes ‘justice’ looks like.

Finishing, the singer said he had intended to “amplify” the civil rights leader’s “incredibly touching speech” through its inclusion.

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