Nike Sneakers Designed For Barack Obama Hit Market For $25k

our friends will be yelling, “Hail to the Chief” if you’re rocking the Barack Obamas — a rare Nike shoe specifically designed for the ex-Prez and they’ll also know you’re rich as hell.

Sotheby’s is hosting a one-of-a-kind sale of these Nike Hyperdunks in size 12.5 and designed for 44 back in 2009. Talk about an extremely rare pair of Nikes … there are only 2 pairs in existence. The others were gifted to Obama.

Obama's Basketball Shots

According to Sotheby’s these particular shoes influenced by the Hyperdunks created for Team USA at the 2008 Olympics were not worn by Obama, but they’re Nike’s only confirmation sample, and in pristine condition.

The price is a modest $25k. If you’re inclined to say, “Just do it” … the sale opens Friday at, yes, 4:44 PM ET.

Is it worth it? Well, the shoe’s literally etched in POTUS lore — official Presidential Seal on the tongue and an embroidered “44” and the insoles include the year “1776.”

But man, if someone steps on THESE Nikes!!! 😲

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