Paloma Faith Has Shared Her Honest Postpartum Journey With Her Fans

The ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This’ hitmaker admitted that “all she wanted to do” was cry yesterday as she opened up with her social media followers, four weeks after the arrival of her second child.

She said: “Bubs is doing well and started to open her eyes and really look now, which is wonderful. Reflux still in full force and trying to learn some upright feeding positions now that she is bigger. Don’t want to try the prescription meds, all the media about them is too scary.

“Had a day yesterday where all I wanted to do was cry. I’m starting to get twitchy about being able to exercise but have to wait for the 6 week sign off. …. TWO TO GO! Finding it hard to be good with my eating and breastfeeding at the same time as it just makes you hungry! (sic)”

And the 39-year-old singer and actress also revealed both her and her baby were suffering from thrush, a yeast infection, and she is desperately searching for a “miracle cure”.

Taking to Instagram to give her fans an update, she added: “It’s been a month! Obviously nothing is straight forward. We both have thrush (my nipples, her mouth), have been on Daktarin gel for her and Daktacort for me, plus Fluconodzole 50mg tablet (daily for a week now) and probiotics – and it feels like it’s just getting worse! WHERE IS THE MIRACLE CURE PLEASE?! I’m not very patient so all this ‘try this try that’ with newborns is very challenging for me. I like instant solutions! (sic)”

Paloma has been honest throughout her pregnancy journey.

When her little one was born, she wrote at the time: “Well I’m not pregnant anymore! I had a planned c section yesterday I’m in a lot of pain and didn’t sleep last night but it’s worth it to see and meet the new little cherub I have infront of me. It’s been about 30 hours and already I’m exhausted, sore and my nipples are on fire with a baby piranha that wants to kill me … Lost a litre of blood and I’m in so much pain despite the pain killers. The joys! (sic)”

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