Reece Dinsdale Admits A Secret Character Will Be Fighting For Their Life On The Soap This Week

The 61-year-old star – who plays the part of Paul Ashdale – has revealed that as many as four characters will be hospitalised in the aftermath of the show’s upcoming stunt.

Appearing on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, Reece teased: “The week is fantastically done, at the beginning you see three beds and you don’t see who’s in them, but you might see who is visiting those beds.

“Then by the end of this week the stunt comes to a conclusion, and I think a fourth member of the cast – well, one of the characters – is wheeled through as well.

“So we’ve got one of four who could meet their end.”

Last week, ‘Emmerdale’ bosses confirmed that “at least one character” will die in the explosive stunt.

Producer Laura Shaw admitted that shooting the dramatic sequence amid coronavirus-enforced social distancing regulations was “no easy task”.

She said: “For months now we’ve been waiting for the appalling, horrible truth about Paul to be exposed and of course, we always knew that we would want that truth to come out in a hugely dramatic and explosive way.

“Shooting a colossal stunt with social distancing is no easy task and it took months of meticulous planning and the whole ‘Emmerdale’ team, proudly pulling together, to enable us to successfully achieve what are undoubtedly, our most ambitious and spectacular episodes of the last year.

“It’s a highly charged, emotional, nail biting, holding-your-breath week of ‘Emmerdale’, that promises to leave devastation in its wake and irrevocably change the lives of some of our most loved villagers.”

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