Romesh Ranganathan Has Become A DJ During Lockdown

The 43-year-old comedian has revealed he’s taken up a new hobby as a means of curing his boredom amid the pandemic, and he hopes to perform in front of a crowd when the lockdown restrictions are eased later in the year.

Romesh shared: “At the beginning of the first lockdown, I got a load of DJ equipment and I started to become this sort of tragic … this tragic DJ in my garage, basically – with a view to my target: I’ve set a goal for myself of playing out somewhere when we’re back to normal in October. So that’s my target.”

Romesh has also started colouring-in with his family, after being urged to try it by fellow stand-up star Rob Beckett.

However, the comedian – who has three sons, Alex, Theo and Charlie, with his wife Leesa – conceded that his life at home is a bit “tragic” during the latest lockdown.

Speaking about his lockdown hobbies, Romesh told ‘BBC Breakfast’: “The other thing we started to doing was, as a family … Rob Beckett recommended to me colouring in, which I thought sounded ridiculous. But then my wife and I sat down one evening and started colouring in and then the kids came and saw and they were like, ‘Oh we want to colour in!’

“And now, every now and again, as a family we sit down to colour in.”

Romesh admitted to being a bit embarrassed about his life in lockdown, describing his new hobbies as “tragic”.

He said: “I don’t know if that’s … one of the most tragic things I’ve ever said. But that is what we do, yeah. On occasions we’ll sit down and colour in.”

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