Tiger King Is Recovering From A Stroke That Left Him Unresponsive In An Oklahoma Casino

Speaking to TMZ, Lowe’s wife, Lauren Lowe, says she found Lowe on 18 March at WinStar Casino where they were staying. Lowe was then airlifted to a hospital in Denton, Texas. “I thought he was dying in my arms,” she told TMZ.

She also stated that the couple suspected someone of spiking Lowe’s drink, allegedly causing the stroke.

According to Lauren’s account, doctors ran tests on Lowe but could not determine what caused the stroke.

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On 17 March, she says, she and Lowe were out to dinner when a stranger approached them and claimed to know them and their favorite drink orders. She suspects that Lowe’s drink was spiked by this person when the couple paused to take selfies with a group of Tiger King fans.

After spending three days in the hospital, Lowe is now back at home recovering, though he is still having trouble with speech and coordination.

Last November, Lowe was accused of inhumane treatment and improper handling of endangered species of animals.

According to a civil complaint filed on Thursday 19 November, Lowe and Lauren were accused of violating the Endangered Species Act by “by illegally taking, possessing, and transporting protected animals,” a Justice Department statement said.

The couple was also accused of violating the Animal Welfare Act ”by exhibiting without a license and placing the health of animals in serious danger”.

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