Viewers Are Reacting Passionately To Netflix’s New Original Documentary Seaspiracy

Viewers are reacting passionately to Netflix’s new original documentary Seaspiracy, which tries to explore the damage done to marine life as varied as sharks, dolphins and whales by the global fishing industry.

The documentary has interviews from marine life conservation groups such as Sea Shepard and George Monbiot, a journalist, author and environmental campaigner.

Hosted by Ali Tabrizi, it shines a spotlight on the statistics that show the big impact the fishing industry has on ocean pollution, claiming that 46 per cent of plastic waste in the central North Pacific Ocean stems from used fishing nets.

Whales that have washed up on UK beaches over the past few years have had fishing debris and equipment in their digestive systems.

Released just last weekend, it is already is causing a storm of reaction with people finding the revelations enough to publicly vow to stop eating fish, while others say it pushes a “white saviour conspiracy”.

Here’s a round up of some of the best reactions.

Some were wholly convinced by the documentary.

Some commented that the name was all wrong, and had better suggestions

Some people have spoken out against the claims made in the documentary.

It’s certainly got people talking.

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