Alexander-Arnold Put The Second Goal On A Plate For Asensio

A poor clearance by Trent Alexander-Arnold with his head left Marco Asensio all on his own. Asensio made no mistake and put Real Madrid two goals up.

Liverpool shot themselves in the foot in the first half. Alexander-Arnold gifted the second goal to Marco Asensio after a calamitous error and Asensio scored for the fourth game in a row.

It all started with Vinicius’ goal to go 1-0 up after a sensational pass by Toni Kroos and a superb control by the Brazilain. Liverpool once again gave the German time and he once looked to pick out the Brazilian winger.

On this occasion, Alexander-Arnold tried to head the ball away, but he headed it towards the middle and there was no teammate there.

Marco Asensio was there though and he took advantage of the gift. He chipped the ball over Alisson who was unable to do anything and then he ran onto the loose ball to tap it into the net.

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