Benzema’s Relationship With Vinicius Has Come Under The Spotlight In Recent Weeks

Karim Benzema has spoken about his relationship with Vinicius, one of Real Madrid’s sensations in the last few weeks, and he has highlighted that he “believes in him” and that the Brazilian “is a genius when he wants to be”.

A lot has been rumoured about Benzema and Vinicius this season. Do they get along? Is there a connection on the pitch? In the beginning a supposed conversation was leaked between the French forward and Mendy, where Benzema told him not to pass to the Brazilian.

However, the situation has changed noticeably and the chemistry between the two appears to be the best it’s ever been. Benzema himself has showered Vincius with praise, where at times he has yelled at him on the pitch, but “it’s for him.”

“Vini is a very young player. I believe in him because he has everything he needs to be a star here. I speak to him a lot, both on and off the pitch. Sometimes I speak to him a bit harsh, bit it’s for him, because I know he can give more. He is phenomenal when he wants to be,” the Frenchman said in an interview on ‘Movistar+’.

Talking about El Clasico this Saturday, Benzema believes that Barcelona will dominate possession and hope that the Argentine Leo Messi will make the difference. “They always have posession, they have a great goalkeeper and Messi, the player who does everything in Barcelona. We have to be careful because he is very dangerous,” he warned in a statement to LaLiga.

He’s on track to sign off the highest goal-scoring season of his career. He wants to help Madrid with goals in ‘El Clasico’, but he highlights that the most important is to win the game in order to fight for the league title.

“I don’t know whether it’s my best season, every year I start from zero and I want to beat the last. I’m currently in great scoring form and if I can continue, with the job of helping out my team to win points and win games, then I will do it. The most important thing is to win,” he underlined.

“I feel free on the pitch, I do what I want, I help the team from start to finish. There are still games left and the league will be decided at the end. It’s very difficult, put we need to enter the pitch every game as if it were a final,” he declared.

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