Mbappe Put PSG 0-1 Up Inside Four Minutes

Manuel Neuer made a big mistake and he was unable to keep out PSG first shot. The Bayern Munich keeper was unable tpo kick out Mbappe’s shot after Neymar countered for the visitors.

Manuel Neuer made a terrible mistake early on as PSG went 0-1 up. Bayern had had two chances including one which hit the bar, but PSG took the lead after Mbappe scored on the counter.

It all began after Neymar got the ball back in midfield. The Brazilian found Di Maria on the right and he played the ball back to Neymar as Bayern’s defence had pushed too much up.

Neymar, instead of looking for the shot, lifted his head and spotted Mbappe to his right. The French striker hit a powerful shot to the near post. Neuer tried to save it, but only ended up knocking it into the net.

It was quick goal which put PSG ahead at a snowy Allianz Arena. It was a goal which reflected badly on Neuer as he definitely should have saved it.

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