Norway Once Again Protested Pre-Game

Norway once again protested against the conditions those working on the World Cup stadia in Qatar had to face. Norway believe FIFA should put pressure on Qatar to make it safer for them.

More than 6000 workers, according to ‘The Guardian’ have lost their lives working on the 2022 World Cup stadia. In addition, a large number of them are working in poor and unsafe conditions. Norway wants this to stop.

Stale Solbakken’s men once again protested against FIFA and Qatar as they had done against Gibraltar. That time, they called for human rights on and off the pitch. But that was not all they said.

The Norwegians put a list of the countries who had shown their support by wearing a shirt. At the moment, it just has the names of Norway and Germany as Germany wore a T-shirt against Iceland. Then it said “Next?”Β  to try and get more countries to follow suit.

In Norway, clubs and fans are asking the national team to boycott the tournament. Next June, the Norwegian FA are thinking of holding a meeting to decide on that.

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