Piqué Could Be Reported For His Words Against Referees

Juan Antonio Alcalá, on ‘El Partidazo de COPE’, informed on Wednesday that Gerard Piqué could be sanctioned after his interview with ‘DjMaRiiO’ on ‘Post United’

The Federation Integrity Department isn’t ruling out denouncing the FC Barcelona number 3 for his words against the referees.

Every time Piqué speaks it has great consequences. The Barcelona centre-back doesn’t usually bite his tongue and whenever he gives interviews, whether in conventional or traditional media, he leaves behind some pearls that later have their consequences online, in newspapers, on radios… and even in the justice system.

This time, the centre-back could be affected with regards to the judicial side of things after his interview with ‘DjMaRiiO’ on ‘Pot United’, in which he spoke about the current going-ons in Spanish football.

In his conversation with the famous youtuber, the footballer said that “85% of referees in La Liga are Real Madrid fans” and accompanied it with a rhetorical question full of intentions: “How are they not going to give them decisions”.

So, the journalist Juan Antonio Alcalá of ‘El Partidazo de COPE’, on the basis of these statements, said that the player could be sanctioned after these words against the referees.

The denouncement could come from the Federation Integrity Department, who would cite Piqué before the Competition Committee, although there is nothing official.

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