Real Madrid Will Not Make Ramos More Offers

Real Madrid have made it clear to Sergio Ramos that there will be no more talks. According to ‘ABC’, the Real Madrid board have made him a final offer of a one year deal and 10% pay cut.

Sergio Ramos’ contract talks have stalled completely and it looks like neither of the two parties are willing to give in. In fact, Real Madrid’s stance is firm and they have given the captain a final offer.

‘ABC’ publishes this Saturday that the Real Madrid board have left Ramos know that they will not give him any other offers. Either take it or leave it.

The proposal is a one year contract with a 10% pay cut for next season. He would go from earning 12 million euros net to 10.8. Whether that gets renewed would depend on his performances.

For 2022-23 (if he gets a new deal), Real Madrid’s plan is for Sergio Ramos to get the 12 million euros he was getting before. That is providing the financial situation at the club post pandemic has stabilised.

What seems clear is that Florentino Perez and Sergio Ramos will not meet again because both parties know their stances. Neither Real Madrid or the defender will back down. Ramos wants a two year deal.

Currently, things have stalled and Real Madrid insist that who has to make a move is Sergio Ramos. The 34 year-old central defender will have to decide whether to accept the offer and stays or to move elsewhere.


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