Sergio Ramos Joked About The Floodlight Failure

Spain captain Sergio Ramos spoke after Spain’s training session on Saturday was suspended due to floodlight failure at the Dinamo Arena.

The Spanish national team were unable to complete their pre-match training session ahead of Sunday’s game with Georgia due to floodlight failure. The lights at the Dinamo Arena suddenly went out and the session was brought to a premature end.

Sergio Ramos then decided to speak in a video which has been published by the Spanish national team on social media. “Do you want to know what Ramos thought of the floodlight failure in Georgia?,” the message read.

And in the images, the captain showed his sense of humour: “I’ve experienced things over the years, but floodlight failure and something like this is historic.”

“We had to improvise in the dressing room, it’s what it is. We were also finishing, so that was that,” the Real Madrid captain added while laughing.

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